Morning sex that is sex between 4:00 am to 5:30 am is the sweetest. That moment when your hubby is still asleep, all his body system have settled down and has his normal morning erection, just sneak out of the bed and go to the kitchen open the refrigerator, put small honey inside your mouth, wake him up with your warm lips on his mouth, caress his body a bit by playing with his dick, use the honey to suck his dick like your life depends on it.

His erection will be harder because he has not had his morning pee, the sensation of fucking a wet pussy while holding urine is the sweetest.
Hold him tight and plant a kiss on his lips. Make sure you’re without panties or bra, slowly remove your night dress, let him watch you do it. Stand nude before him and help him removed whatever thing his wearing
The feelings and smoothness of your skin touching each other is mind blowing.

Lay on the bed hugging each other tight, rub him with your breast, kiss him and then slowly go on top him, start sucking his nipples, give it a soft bite slowly and start licking them one after the other. Men nipples are very sensitive to them. They like it when it’s been sucked.
Then make him lie on his back, be a good wife, kneel on the bed and start giving him a blow job. lick his rod like an ice cream. Take his rod fully into your mouth and start sucking his already hard rod, caressing his balls with your hand. Suck it like your life depended on it. Men love it when you lick their balls. You know those balls? Slowly lick the balls. You will be surprised to hear him moan, if you are doing a great job on him
someone is calling me a spoild child right now~~~are my? Of course not am only a doctor.

Tell him to lie on the bed, climb on him in a cow girl style, ride on him, grind on his penis, bounce on him, you can even twerk on his dick too. You will hear him begging for more.
Then lie in doggy position so that he can take you from back and view your bum bum, make sure your chest touches the bed, is a mind blowing something in fact singles are missing a lot.
Let him insert his dick with force so it can touched all the walls of your pussy. As he move his dick in and out of you. Help him by raising your hips too, It will make you scream with pleasure. And he will enjoy every bit of it
Tell him to f*ck you harder, call his name, saying I LOVE YOU and moan while doing that. Men love to hear you scream their pet name during love making. Its another turn on for them. Sex without talking is no sex, whisper in his ears while the action is going on, use dirty talk, tell him baby you are the best, sweetie i can die for you, there is no one like you, i will forever love you. Sweet Lord
When he will eventually come, help him take his bath and dress him up for work, while taking his breakfast make sure you are looking sexy around him, help feed him and hug him goodbye and don’t forget to pray for him.

You have just planted yourself in him, you will be the only thing he thinks of throughout the day, u have also succeeded in making his day great, he will smile at everyone in his workplace.
Lastly make sure you send him nice love message within the day especially when you know he is about closing for the day, u will see him running back home just to meet you.

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